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Mauro Franco


For about 14 years that l´ve been in network marketing building teams in different companies, starting from the ground and bothering my circle of influence with multiple business models; I had found GTC an unique business structure, revolutionary technology tan in a very short period of time has changed my finantial future and not just mine but a 100% of my team members have extraordinary results! This is true and real passive income within an industry that finantial experts believe is the largest breakthroungh in the story of techonology after the dot com… Bitcoin and GTC are here to help communities around the globe to be financially independent.


Jorge and Jackelin Romero

El Salvador

Jorge and Jackelin Romero came as an immigrants from El Salvador, starting from ground Zero 25 years ago, always searching for great opportunities in life, found themselves a way to be independents foro ver 12 years now.

Thanks to GTC we can now say that we are ejoying a better quality life with freedom of time and money.


Gabriela Barron


Grabriela Barron orginally from Mexico, at the short age of 18 years began in the Network Marketing industry with no experience in the business world. However 5 months ago I had the pleasure to participate in teh Global Trading Club Project which was a blessing at the right time. What I wasn´t able to do in three years of great wffort and dedication I was able to achieve a lor more in just 5 months thankes to the Team, Mentors and Masters of the Company! I now can say I am Financially Free! I was able to help my parents financially which is the main reason why I never gave up and still to this day the reason that motivates me everyday to keep on achieving massive success!


Eric Ventling


Getting involved with GTC was without a doubt one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made together. As a profesional networker and business man for teh last 28 years, I have seen every programo ut there, and the simplicity and excellent system GTC offers, was a complete “no brainer” for us. The leadership and the fact that GTC trades in multiple crypto currencies was our main decisions for joining GTC. I was introduced to Bitcoin back in 2010 and unfortunately didn´t see the future of crypto currency back then, which was my biggest financial mistake ever. I will not make that same mistake again! Viva La GTC.


Rodrigo Castro

El Salvador

I lived a traditional, routine life, meeting schedules and striving me physically until I dedicated myself to work network marketing 7 years ago, worked with different companies until I found the one that chaged my life and turn allowed me to bless thousands of families worldwide GLOBAL TRADING CLUB is the best choice that I´ve taken because thanks to this Company and my team I pass from having nothing to have the financial freedom thar I always dream, with a tam in more tan 28 countries, now I am an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. Bitcoin and GTC arrived to say and mark the biggest story in the financial revolution.


Tony Paz


After almost 10 years in Network Marketing industry… and having lot of success, earning multiple 7 figures and creating BIG ORGANIZATIONS, march 2016 I was totally BURNED and TIRES of more of the same… only 3% of my people where making real money and getting their goals and dreams a reality… I just STOPPED doing network marketing. I transferred my 50% of a typical MLM PRODCUT Company to my partner and finished any more activity. I promised GOD and to myself… UNLESS I FIND A REAL VEHICLE (Business) where 100% of my people will have rhe REAL OPPORTUNITY to make their dreams and goals a really, I won´t do any other Project in MLM. When Mike Maldonado called me the first time early august 2016, I didn´t even let him talk, I SAID NOOOOOO, he never got to the “Bitcoin” world, because he didn´t insist. It created in my mind a weird interest of asking more information. Then I called him back, immediately he offered a quick Skype video presentation and I was selling him, Global Trad.


David Urrego


Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is David Urrego.

Master counselor and founder of GTC and I am very happy to be a part of this company. That has literally changed my financial life completely within a few months. I have 16 years of experience in Network marketing arena with tremendous results which I do have great results, but not once have I ever made so much money in such a small period of time. GTC is the first company in my 16 years career that I have made over six (6) figures income within 3 months in half so with that said it is an amazing feeling. GTC is the number one company up there in my opinion and no one else is at our level. I would like to thank GTC for this opportunity and I am very proud and happy to be a part of.

Thak you GTC.


Franklin Rodriguez


My name is Franklin Rodriguez and I'im living in Houston, TX. I'm originally from Honduras but have been in the USA for 26+ years. I'm glad my business partner Rodrigo Castro introduced me to Global Trading Club back in July 2016 to show me this amazing opportunity on learning how to have my money work form me and at the same time a way to acquire Bitcoin. Since then I haven't looked back and now I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor.


Christopher Smart


GTC has help me create a world of endless opportunity and develop leadership within it's community. I have built more relationships in this platform, rather than a regular job. Thanks to all the leaders and partners for presenting this vehicle to the masses.



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